All you can eat strawberry for 60 minutes.

For 60 minutes,you can enjoy picking ando eating offamed “ASUKA RUBY”!(a brand name of stawberry)
You can also enjoy free cake,ice cream and softdrinks at cafeteria corner.
Other than those refreshments, soft-served ice cream, condensed milk and various toppings such as chocolatesource and chocolate spray are provided free of charge.

Requests to our guests

Our staff will give you some instructions to be taken cared by our guests.

Let’s enjoy strawberry picking having a good manners.

Gently cut strawberry off with scissors.
If you drop strawberry on the floor, please don’t leave it there or on the planter. Pick it up !
Please don’t cut strawberry leaves and stems.
You cannot buy strawberries you picked to take home. (We never sell them.)
You are never allowed to take strawberries out of our greenhouses.


We made our premises perfectly barrier-free.

As our greenhouses are made barrier-free, ourguests who are using even wheelchair and babybuggy can enjoy stress-free strawberry picking.
Our lavatory is equipped with toilets for the handicapped and diaper change stull to expressour special consideration to those who need help of others.

★As precautionary measure, wheelchair users are recommended
to call us prior to your coming to our farm.


Do not irritate the bees

We get a bee for pollen mating to make a good strawberry of the shiny form at our garden. Prevent you from certainly touching it without stimulating a bee.


We accept reservations from the following

Please make a reservation from the WEB reservation system of the banner below.

You can also call (072-440-0200), but we may not be able to accept it if you are serving customers or on the phone. note that.


Shop Stawberry Farm haru
Fee Strawberry picking 60 minutes.
[Adult] 2,500 yen to 3,500 yen (depending on the season)
Location 2415-1 Obu-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka 596-0816
TEL 072-440-0200
Regular holiday Lrregular holidays
Please see the Reservation calendar